Day Schools vs. Boarding Schools pt. 1

Within the Ontario private school realm, there are two major school types parents must choose from: enrolling their child in either a day school or a boarding school. There are certainly benefits and drawbacks associated with each category, so allow me to deconstruct the two camps of supporters.

When considering each type of school, there are three factors that will influence your decision: social, financial, and educational.

The majority of day schools offer coeducation, which is considered to be highly favourable for a child’s positive development and growth. Classroom interaction between the sexes from an early age onwards has been cited as critical for the upbringing of a functional member of society by preparing them for real-world integration amongst their opposite sex peers. Proponents of the single-sex curriculum that is found in boarding schools argue irreconcilable learning differences between boys and girls means that different teaching methods are not only required, but only possible in a single-sex classroom. However, while it is true that boys and girls demonstrate learning differences, the American Psychological Association notes that “there’s little empirical evidence showing that sex-segregated classes improve educational outcomes”. This is an important conclusion which argues that changing the student composition of the classroom is not a factor that influences students’ learning!

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